Announcing the first book in the You’re More Than A Diversity Hire™ series. Coming January 2021

Where do smart, talented, trailblazers feel underestimated, sidelined, and overwhelmed?  

Today’s male-dominated STEM workplaces.

You’re More Than A Diversity HireWomen in STEM  fills the gap left by HR programs, well-intentioned mentors, and general career books for women.  Inside, you will find proven, actionable advice for women just like you.   

Innovation executive and MIT graduate, Dr. Angelique Adams leverages her own 25 years of experience and interviews from dozens of accomplished women, to reveal the five keys to a successful career in this challenging environment.

  1. How to tell if you’re truly good enough to reach your goals.
  2. How to command respect, with scripts for tricky situations.
  3. How to develop a career roadmap that you control.
  4. How to take on new challenges and still have time for what you care about with the A3+5Y formula.
  5. How to handle the haters, what to do when your colleagues, friends, and family decide that you are too ambitious. 

You’re trained in STEM so you know trial and error is inefficient. Why are you using it for something as important as your career? With over 20 exercises, scripts, and checklists as well as a free companion workbook, you can the answers from insiders who have lived it and succeeded.  

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