Why I am writing on LinkedIn for 90 days straight, plus a recap of week 1.

From December 25 to March 25, I am going to post daily on LinkedIn. 


The short answer is that it is free marketing for my upcoming book. 

The long(er) answer is that since LinkedIn is the career and business social media platform and my book(s) are about career development, that is the best place I can get exposure. And, by engaging on the platform in a strategic way, I can let my target audience know that I am a trusted and respected authority on the topics I write about.

I know little about social media platforms and I don’t want to spend my whole life on them. So I did a bit of research and settled on this 90-day challenge which synthesizes what seems to be two key principles of social media engagement: consistent interaction + relevant content (1) (2).

Here is how I have defined my 90-day challenge:

What counts:

  1. Comments on someone else’s post.(Good)
  2. Bringing in outside articles and adding 2-3 lines of commentary. (Better)
  3. Writing original content.(Best)

Topics I will write about:

  1. Women in STEM
  2. Women in male-dominated industries
  3. Diversity and inclusion
  4. Career development
  5. Leadership
  6. Potpourri (not the dried flowers version, the jeopardy version, meaning any topic I deem interesting)

Stats I will track on a monthly basis:

  1. Challenge adherence(%): # of days I posted/#of days in the month. I will allow myself days off by doubling up. I think there are ways to schedule posts but I haven’t figured it out yet.
  2. Followers(#): # of people following me on LinkedIn. At the start of the challenge the number was 3,389. I hope that grows.
  3. Leads(#): I will consider a lead anyone who reaches out to ask me to collaborate, speak at a book club or conference, or any other activity that will cost me nothing but will promote my current book or future books. 

Week 1 recap:

The good news. It is actually fun. It is stimulating me to read more and form an opinion about different topics. Old friends and colleagues who I haven’t talked to in a while are reaching out. Someone even noticed that I have a book coming out. (I put a picture of it in my profile).

The bad news: I am woefully inefficient at this. It is taking me way too long to write a couple of sentences. I am concerned about grammar, syntax, what will my boss think if he sees it, etc. I am also preoccupied with following the number of post views and reactions I get. Hopefully this is due to the newness of it all. I will to monitor the amount of time I spend on the challenge and put in some controls to adjust it. Once I start back at work, I need to get this down to 10-15 minutes/day.

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  2. https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/linkedin-marketing-strategies/

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