The 90 Day LinkedIn Challenge–60 Day Update.

From December 25 to March 25, I am going to post daily on LinkedIn. 


The short answer is that it is free marketing for my new book. 

The long(er) answer is that since LinkedIn is the career and business social media platform and my book(s) are about career development, that is the best place I can get free exposure. And, by engaging on the platform in a strategic way, I can let my target audience know that I am a trusted and respected authority on the topics I write about.

You can learn more about the topics I write about and how I defined the challenge here.

Status update

Challenge adherence (%) : 116%

Type of ContentCOUNT
Original Content8
Original Content-in a private group8
Outside Info6
Grand Total70

One of my goals from last month was to increase efficiency on the platform and I have done it. I now spend about 10 minutes a day during the weekday. I keep a running list of ideas for polls and original content and can create something rather quickly. I typically do that over the weekend and post it some time during the week. The hardest part is typically cutting a post down to the 1300 character limit. 

Followers (#): +189 (5.54%)

I still don’t have a lot to say about this number. I didn’t really know what would happen or if this is a good metric to follow. I will keep watching it to see if I can correlate it to something important.

Leads (#): +17

Type of Lead#
Paid speaking engagements1
Podcast appearances2
Unpaid featured speaking engagements5
Board/committee invitations11
Tentative leads28

1I get invited to join board/committees all the time. Mostly they are spammy types of “innovation” boards that are looking to fill their panels with people with big titles. I am not counting those because they aren’t relevant to the goal of this LinkedIn engagement push. 

2Tentative leads are in discussion but haven’t resulted in a commitment yet.

Other observations

Last month I gave myself the following challenges: 

February will be about actively promoting the book now that it is on Amazon, trying to increase the amount of original content I post, and improving my efficiency on the platform. 

I succeeded in posting more original content. And as I anticipated, it resulted in more interaction from my network.

30 Days60 Days
Outside Content50
Original Content37
Total # interactions after 7 days371432

I did not succeed in more actively promoting my book. I know, I know, that is the whole point of this! But, it turns out selling is a challenge when you haven’t done it before. I have one more month to get it right!