Leadership Amplifies You

The senior leaders I work with in my executive coaching practice are often shocked and saddened to learn that their junior staff view them as intimidating bullies.

If that is you, there are generally two reasons for the surprise:

1️⃣You don’t have trusted advisors that give you accurate feedback about your actions. I’ll talk in future posts about how to attract and nurture relationships with people who will tell you the truth about your behavior and its impact.

2️⃣You don’t understand that by the very nature of your role, your power amplifies your behavior. Being terse in a meeting seems like you are flying off the handle. Do it a few times and you build a reputation of being terrifying. On the other hand, make a 2-minute phone call to staff on their birthday and you are viewed as extremely generous.

In reality, you are a normal human who has ups and downs and is trying to do your best. Your role power exaggerates everything.

Now that you know your role gives you a megaphone, what do you want your team to hear?

🙄A note to junior staff: You might find it ridiculous that your manager isn’t fully aware of their impact. But there are legitimate challenges to building self awareness.

🙏🏽You can help. If you find that your leader is doing something you like, thank them.

💡Empathy works both ways.

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