My # 1 Recommended Resources After 1 Year In Business

People ask me all the time how I made the transition from corporate to my own coaching and consulting business. It’s a long answer but here are some of the resources that have helped me the most.

Stand Out by Dorie Clark. This book is helpful if you want to learn to use your expertise as a business. Dorie has a simple but wide-reaching framework that you can use to get started and then measure how well you are doing at becoming a recognized expert.

Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port. Once you start to gain traction in becoming a recognized expert, you need repeatable tactics to turn your efforts into a sustainable business. Michael covers that. Everything from how to talk about yourself and your business, networking, sales calls, etc.

Profit First by Mike Michalowicz. Once you start making money, you will have questions like: How much should I pay myself? Can I really afford to buy that new piece of equipment or hire a full time person? Mike’s book gives you a simple framework to help you solve that optimization problem so your money goes to the right places (including paying taxes).

Dotcom Secrets by Russell Brunson. If at any point you want to try to leverage the power of the internet to sell to many people and while you’re sleeping then you’ll want to start following RB. His online marketing strategies will help you go from having no idea how to sell something online to having a clear marketing plan, a clear sales plan, and the actual tools to collect money from people who want to buy from you. 

$1.80 Instagram Strategy by Gary Vaynerchuck. If you decide you want to sell online you will need to drive traffic to your materials and that is when having a social media presence will become important. I went from 5000 post impressions a year to 350,000 post impressions just by using Gary’s strategy that he outlines for free in a blogpost. Just replace the word Instagram with LinkedIn and follow his recommendations exactly.

I hope you find these helpful.

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