Are You Having Fun Yet?

“Go play video games!”

That was my parting advice in a recent coaching session with a tech entrepreneur.

We’d spent the time talking about items on his technology roadmap, how client discovery discussions were going, and prep for an upcoming meeting with a potential client. 

Then, our conversation shifted to stress. 

He asked for some tips. 

It’s very common for me to have this kind of conversation with my clients. I inquire about their well-being in almost every session because I know that entrepreneurship is inherently stressful. I do that in the hopes that if it ever becomes a problem, they will feel welcome to raise the issue with me.

Today, he did.

We talked about how severe his stress was (if it was really high or prolonged, I would’ve suggested he consider speaking to a medical professional). Fortunately it wasn’t.

So, we went through the checklist of self-care items (healthy diet, exercise, sleep, etc). Then I asked, “What do you do for fun?”

He said, “I like to play video games but I know I shouldn’t, so I haven’t played in a while”. 

I often hear a similar sentiment from my clients. They are reluctant to do what they consider to be fun for one of two reasons:

1️⃣They don’t think they should have fun because it is “a waste of time”.

2️⃣They don’t think that their choice of fun activity is “appropriate”.

These are both limiting beliefs that need to be overcome.

💡Everyone deserves to have fun in their life! 

And as long as your choice is legal, safe, and doesn’t break the bank, you can do what you want (in my humble opinion).

🎉I am all for, playing video games, reading trashy romance novels, binge-watching videos, knitting, photography, running, squishy makeovers (that was my daughter’s thing when she was 10), Dungeons and Dragons, gardening, whittling wood, playing guitar….whatever YOUR thing is…as long as it brings you joy. 

❓What about you?

Are you stopping yourself from the important stress-reducer of having fun?

If you are, consider adopting one of the affirmations I’ve listed below:

  1. “I deserve to have fun! When I am happy, I am completely alive.”
  2. “I am free to explore life, and I know that each day is an adventure.”
  3. “I am inspired to discover new ways to experience joy.”

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