Do You Know The One Time it Doesn’t Matter if You Lead with Empathy?

When you’re not a leader any more.

Because you’ve been fired for not getting results.

⭐LET ME BE CLEAR: I am NOT making the case that caring about business results is more important than caring about people.

⭐I AM making the case that you have to care about BOTH.

Maybe everyone already knows this.

But I feel like it needs to be said.

💁🏽‍♀️Most of the popular business books, journals, and leadership-related posts on social media focus almost entirely on how good leaders make their teams feel better.

💰You know why? It sells.

We are so burnt out and demoralized at work that we shout from the rooftops when someone of authority advocates for us.

I get it.

😠I’ve been called stupid, ugly, and immature. I’ve been scape-goated and passed over for promotion.

I know how truly soul-crushing it is to be stuck with a bad boss. And how infuriating it is to watch them get a promotion.

We all need our leaders to do better.

💡But if you are an aspiring leader and think that you ONLY need be a self-aware, good listening ally,

You would be wrong.

🎯You must deliver excellent results too.

Or else, you won’t earn more responsibility. Even worse, you will lose the responsibility you have.

❌Now, there are plenty of people who will tell you that you must CHOOSE between getting results and taking care of your people.


Those naysayers just lack the creativity to figure out how to successfully accomplish both.

In fact, the opposite is true.

Focusing on your people and your results reinforce each other, if you do it correctly.

🎯Here’s how to get that balance:

  • Continue improving your emotional intelligence, your listening skills, and your empathy.
  • Learn how to give effective feedback, delegate, and conduct performance reviews.
  • Study these topics, practice, get mentoring and coaching, if you can.


  • Read your organization’s annual report cover to cover.
  • Know exactly what the strategy and key performance indicators are for your executive team.
  • Know exactly how your team contributes to those results
  • Know exactly what you need to do to make sure you meet or exceed those results.
  • Exceed those results.

🌟Being an effective leader means focusing on your people AND your results. Today’s business literature is heavily focused on people. Make sure you focus on BOTH.

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