5 Annoying Things Leaders Must Stop Doing

🛑Here are a few persistent negative behaviors that leaders need to stop doing right now:

1️⃣ They check their phone instead of listening.

Avoiding distractions and asking follow up questions lets us know you value our efforts.

2️⃣They are late to their own meetings.

Being punctual sends us a signal that you value our time.

3️⃣ They don’t pitch in to help.

Rolling up your sleeves and helping us do the work, especially on difficult projects, lets us know you are with us.

4️⃣They don’t ask for input.

You hired us for a reason. We have expertise that you don’t. Use it.

5️⃣ They don’t say thank you.

A simple but powerful phrase that lets us know you don’t take our efforts for granted.

Did I miss anything?

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