3 Tips for Avoiding Indecision

Am I the only one who sometimes gets stuck in a thought loop of indecision?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a big life-changing decision, like, “should I leave my corporate job to go out on my own?”, or a small inconsequential decision, “what should I wear today?”. 

Sometimes I just get stuck.

Here are a few tips that have helped me avoid getting stuck in indecision:

1. Plan your day the night before. It’s easier to make smart decisions in advance.  You don’t need to make perfect decisions. You need to make decent decisions and stick with them. Do your thinking at night. Execute your decisions the following day.

This is why I prepare my meals on Sunday and I have streamlined my wardrobe to one basic outfit.

As you can see, I’ve embraced being seen in the same outfit!

2. Give yourself a deadline. A good decision can often be made very quickly. Avoid taking longer than you need to make a choice. A deadline can be an effective way of making a decision quickly. Give yourself a few minutes to a few days, to make up your mind. Pull the trigger and move on.

3. Consider the reason for your hesitation. Why are you hesitating? What’s holding you back? What are your concerns? What are you afraid might happen?

Indecisiveness puts your life on standby. You can dramatically enhance the quality of your life by making better and quicker decisions. Making a decision isn’t a race. But, what are you going to accomplish by waiting if you already have the information you need to decide?

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