[Watch!] My Big Ideas Welcome Interview with Jalynn Baker

In this wide ranging interview with Jalynn Baker from the Knoxville Entrepreneur Center, I discuss my background, my pivot from corporate to coaching, and most importantly my big WHY!

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Below are the timestamps for the questions I answered.

  0:28Why did you shift away from the corporate world? What is your passion?
  1:12How do you advise someone to help them differentiate between a hobby and something they can monetize?
  2:18How did you write a book while working a full-time corporate job?
  3:52Can you tell me about your 2nd book?
  5:13What was it like to be the only or one of a few women in STEM?
  6:37Who are some of your mentors, and where did you find them?
  7:32What are some words of wisdom that you have shared as a mentor? (self-care)
  9:17Have you ever felt guilty about your own self-care?
10:16How do you navigate work/life balance?
11:56What values do you want to pass down to your children? 
12:41Have you ever had Imposter Syndrome? How do you deal with it?
14:53What are you working toward in your life?
16:33Do you have a favorite resource that you recommend?
18:34Where can we find all of your resources? Your website, etc.