How To Get Funding For Your Professional Development

Is it possible to get funding for professional development?

Yes, even with tight budgets.

Here’s how.

Plan ahead to overcome objections.

Here are the exact 6 questions I always asked my team when I was an executive. Prepare your answers and you’ll drastically increase the likelihood of a Yes.

1️⃣Is this training required for your career progression ?

2️⃣What evidence can you provide to support the need?

3️⃣Does this training support an existing project or strategic lever?

4️⃣Have you checked our internal training programs to see if you can get this for free?

5️⃣Have you shopped around for at least three proposals to ensure we are getting the best value for our money?

6️⃣What do you plan to do differently once you have this training?

Once you have the answers, you are ready to talk to whoever signs the checks!

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