How To Start A Difficult Conversation

❓Do you ever delay having a difficult conversation with a colleague because you don’t know how to start?

🎯Level up your communication effectiveness 2-3X by mastering the skill of prefacing.

💡Prefacing allows you to prepare your listener for what you are going to say and in some instances sets some parameters for how you’d like them to respond.

Here are 5 Instances of when prefacing can be useful and an example phrase to say.

1️⃣In a disagreement
Example: “I have a different take on that based on my experiences.”

2️⃣When delivering bad news
Example: “I have something to tell you that may be hard to hear.”

3️⃣When you make a mistake
Example: “I made a mistake – please let me explain before you respond.”

4️⃣When asking for help/support
Example: “It’s hard for me to ask for help, but I’m really struggling with xyz.”

5️⃣When making amends
Example: “I know I’ve let you down – what can I do to make it right?”

Consider crafting your own prefacing phrases for situations you find yourself in, and see how much easier it is to start a conversation.