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For Scientists and Engineers Who Want To Become Influential Leaders

We’re creating a membership site to share everything you need to become a well-respected, well-paid leader without sacrificing the values, relationships and projects you care about most.

Coaching Consultation

Here’s the perfect solution if you want to solve your most pressing career challenge in 60 minutes.

A few examples of how my clients use a coaching consultation:

  • Ace your next board meeting presentation or investor pitch.
  • Clarify your next step in an important career pivot.
  • Stand out in your performance review.
  • Role-play a difficult conversation with a challenging employee.
  • Develop a plan to get back more time and energy for special projects or relationships.

You’re More Than a Diversity Hire™, Women in STEM

Here’s a summary of what you’ll find in Amazon’s #1 Career Guide for Women in STEM:

  • How to command respect, with scripts for tricky situations.
  • How to develop a career roadmap
  • How to take on new challenges and still have time for what you care about.
  • How to handle the haters, when your colleagues, friends, and family decide that you are too ambitious.

What people are saying:

“As a junior staff in STEM this book from Dr. Adams has provided me a lot of very valuable insights, guidelines and advice on how to navigate my career. Her experiences and stories are relatable, she opens up about her own struggles which made me feel a ease and realize that I was not alone.”

“a mix of “women in STEM” research, Brene Brown-like commentary on the inner work needed to be effective (and an unapologetic acknowledgment of the self-limiting mindsets and insecurities many of us battle), and action planning / self-help type activities that were easy to do.” 

You’re More Than a Diversity Hire™, Women in College Sports

Former America East Conference Commissioner Amy Huchthausen, and I conducted over 40 hours of live interviews of women executives in college athletics.

In our upcoming book, we’ll share the three keys to getting to the executive chair, whether as athletics director or commissioner :

  • How to demonstrate the most important skills and behaviors to be considered “executive” material.
  • How to build a team of trusted advisors to champion your career.
  • How to master your mindset to stay focused on what you care about most and overcome obstacles that might get in your way.

Keynote Speaking

A sample of my keynote topics:

  • The People Side of Leading Innovation.
  • The Three Pillars to a Dream STEM Career.
  • The Three Keys to Unlocking the Full Potential of Diverse Talent.
  • Customized Keynotes are available.

Executive Coaching

For Innovation, R&D, and IT Executives or Founders Who are Serious about Transforming Themselves and Their Organizations.

Follow the Path of The World’s Most Influential and Successful Leaders by Investing in a Coach.

  • Boost your emotional intelligence to become a leader the best talent want to follow.
  • Master the art of executive communications to influence your investors and stakeholders.
  • Escape the regret of losing your life to your job.
  • Discover the power of having a trusted advisor with a C-suite perspective.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome Mini Course

Uncover the Easy Steps to Embracing Your Talents and Contributions in less than 1 hour!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll find in this video training:

  • Discover the truth about why high achievers struggle with imposter syndrome.
  • Master the tools you can use to recognize your own accomplishments.
  • Stop worrying if you are qualified and worthy enough to sit in the same room as successful people.