I help Ph.D. scientists and engineers become influential leaders.

Are you ready to increase your influence and earning potential?

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About Me

I’m an engineer with 25 years of experience in operations, strategy, and innovation. I went from being laughed at when I told professors I wanted to pursue a Ph.D. to becoming the Chief Innovation Officer of a multi-billion dollar global manufacturing firm.

After years of successfully leading innovation, I discovered my true passion is developing people, not products.

I help advanced-degree scientists and engineers like you become influential leaders because I believe you will solve the grand challenges of our lifetime. The world needs you to be among the decision-makers. I’m on a mission to make that happen.

Ignite your career with Leadership Roadmap, a 5-module on-demand leadership development program and an Annual All-Access Pass to the Accelerator.

Starting at $997

Leadership Roadmap might be exactly what you’re looking for if:
  • You are a technical individual contributor who wants to increase your influence and earning potential and you don’t know how to start.
  • You are an emerging technical leader who finds general management training lacking a technical expert’s perspective. 
  • You are a technical leader at any level who wants cost-effective, highly-relevant leadership resources and a sense of security knowing that an experienced guide is available when you need her.
  • Ready to get started? Click on the link below to get instant access.⬇️

Elevate your influence with a customized leadership development plan, private one-on-one coaching sessions with me, and an Annual All-Access Pass to the Accelerator.  

Starting at $5,000

Leadership Coaching might be exactly what you’re looking for if:
  • You are an emerging technical leader who wants a proven roadmap to boost your influence and impact.
  • You are an experienced technical leader who wants to solve nagging issues such as productivity, team building, vision and strategy, emotional intelligence, and work-life balance.
  • You have a high-potential technical expert in your organization and you want to confidently invest in their transition to leadership.
  • Ready to learn more? Contant to discuss your needs. ⬇️

Realize your vision with an organization-wide coaching and consulting engagement and Annual All-Access Passes to the Accelerator for your designated team.

Starting at $20,000

Trusted Advisor might be exactly what you are looking for if:
  • You are a new technology entrepreneur who needs comprehensive leadership advising from a trusted advisor with a C-suite perspective on topics such as peak performance mindset, leader standardized work, board meeting preparation, and strategic planning facilitation.
  • You are an executive who wants to boost the innovation and results-orientation of your technical team through relevant leadership training and coaching.
  • You lead cohorts of highly technical individuals in corporate, academic, or start-up environments and need a leadership development curriculum from a credible expert.
  • Ready to learn more? Contact me to discuss your needs. ⬇️

The Accelerator, my “Secret Sauce”

Leadership and Advisor programs include an All-Access Pass to the Accelerator featuring:

  • my on-demand proprietary training
  • resources (tools, templates, and cheat sheets)
  • access to monthly live Q&A’s with me
  • a private, peer support community

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