About Me

Photo Credit: Javon Renee Portraits

I’m Founder and CEO of Angelique Adams Media Solutions LLC, a platform dedicated to helping diverse talent excel in their careers by delivering the best actionable advice from successful insiders.

I know first-hand the challenges of being underrepresented at work. Despite being laughed at by professors when I told them I wanted to pursue a Ph.D., I had a successful career in the metals and mining sector, most recently serving as Chief Innovation Officer at a multibillion dollar European steelmaker. You can learn more about my career path here.

After more than 20 years in corporate innovation, I discovered my true passion is developing people, not products. During much of that time, I’ve been sought out as a career mentor and coach, especially for diverse talent. And for the same amount of time, I have been frustrated by the lack of role models, resources, and advice for the people I help. So, I decided to create something myself. 

The You’re More Than a Diversity Hire™ book series fills the gap left by HR, well intentioned mentors, and general career books. I provide the best actionable advice from successful diverse insiders. I’ve started the book series with women in STEM. Leveraging my own 25 years of experience and insights from over 80 women across a broad range of industries, working on four continents, I address pressing topics such as how to command respect at work, how to develop a career roadmap, and how to handle haters who judge you for pursuing a career you love. I am currently working on women in sports. I’ll end the series when smart, talented, trailblazers like you no longer feel underestimated, sidelined, and overwhelmed.

Following the successful publication of my first career guide, You’re More Than a Diversity Hire™­: Women in STEM, I became a media entrepreneur. I now create books, online courses, and coaching programs.

I live in Knoxville, TN with my husband and 2 children.

Jim and I met in graduate school at Penn State, where we both got our Ph.D.’s in Fuel Science. He’s a world-renowned researcher at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In August of 2021 we will have been together for 20 years! 

We have two wonderful children, Seth and Sophia. We are in the “chauffeur” stage of parenting our middle schoolers, shuttling them to and from school and their various activities. Seth is into robotics and Sophia competes in archery. The photo below of our masked family after our successful run at our local breakout room is about all you’re going to get to see of them on the internet for now. You’ll also see our two dogs below, Lucky and Taylor.

I’m a child of a military family so I moved around all the time. Up until earlier this year, I was still somewhat of a nomad, splitting my time between the US and France. I am happy to be 100% in the place I call home, Knoxville TN. I am proud to serve my community on the Board of Directors of three very important local non-profits, The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Tennessee Valley, The Muse Knoxville, and The Knoxville Entrepreneurship Center. 

I hope to get to know you better soon.