3 Keys to Giving Effective Feedback

Research shows that feedback is important to employee engagement and retention.  65% of employees desire more feedback. 80% of employees want feedback at the moment rather than delivering aggregated feedback for an annual or bi-annual review. Follow these guidelines for giving effective feedback. Be Specific and Objective Avoid making generalized observations about something. They don’tContinue reading “3 Keys to Giving Effective Feedback”

How Technical Experts Can Display More Empathy

Technical experts transitioning to leadership often struggle with the emotional side of the job. You’ve gone from being required to justify all of your decisions with logic, to now being asked to use high amounts of emotional intelligence to care for your team. One place that you can get stuck is where to start withContinue reading “How Technical Experts Can Display More Empathy”

Why Smart Leaders Create a Well-Defined Sandbox

“My scientists and engineers aren’t innovative enough. They don’t go after high-risk, high-reward opportunities.” –constant complaints from senior management. “Senior management doesn’t want innovation. They have a track record of punishing people who take risks and fail”.–constant complaints from scientists and engineers. How do you resolve this conflict? 🎯Smart leaders unleash the creativity of theirContinue reading “Why Smart Leaders Create a Well-Defined Sandbox”

Do You Know The One Time it Doesn’t Matter if You Lead with Empathy?

When you’re not a leader any more. Because you’ve been fired for not getting results. ⭐LET ME BE CLEAR: I am NOT making the case that caring about business results is more important than caring about people. ⭐I AM making the case that you have to care about BOTH. Maybe everyone already knows this. ButContinue reading “Do You Know The One Time it Doesn’t Matter if You Lead with Empathy?”

Incorrect Stereotypes About Highly Technical People [A RANT!]

Executives, stop using stereotypes about scientists and engineers to develop your technical talent strategy! ❌We only care about working on cool projects. ❌We don’t care about the business aspects of our work. ❌We don’t care about recognition. ❌We don’t want to manage people. Nope. ✔We want to know that our work contributes to the business.Continue reading “Incorrect Stereotypes About Highly Technical People [A RANT!]”